What Is A Soundbar Speaker? (3 Key Ideas, Plus Pros & Cons)

Finding the right speaker system for your setup is critical if you want to get the most from experience – whether you have a home theater system, a bedroom TV, or even a PC rig. In the search for the ideal speaker system, you may find yourself looking at soundbar speakers and wondering what they are, how they work, and whether or not they are good speakers.

A soundbar speaker is a wide speaker cabinet that contains multiple mid and high-range speakers. These speakers are arranged within the bar and produce a comprehensive range of frequencies that are ideal for use in home entertainment systems. Soundbars can be excellent when used well.

There are several types of speakers on the market right now, but soundbar speakers are becoming far more popular than almost any other. Are these speakers good? How do soundbars compare to other speaker systems? Should you get a soundbar? Let’s find out!

What Is A Soundbar?

There are many types of speaker systems, so it can be difficult to choose which is best for you. Every speaker system has its own pros and cons, but many people are finding that soundbars are the right choice for them.

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A soundbar speaker is a wide, short speaker cabinet that houses multiple speakers. This form factor gives the speaker its name, as it is shaped like a bar.

Modern soundbar speakers are very effective, very high-quality, and serve to replace conventional multi-speaker systems as efficiently as possible.

Soundbar speakers usually house multiple speakers within them, creating a wide range of audio projection. These speakers typically have a set of medium-sized drivers and a set of smaller tweeters and are usually designed to be used with an external subwoofer.

subwoofer 3
Many soundbars are designed to be used with an external subwoofer (for low frequency sounds).

Some soundbars are equipped with speakers that can handle low-end very well and do not require a subwoofer to function well as a full-spectrum audio device. A soundbar will never have the same bass response as a subwoofer, but many good soundbars produce more than enough bass for most people.

Using a soundbar has several advantages, but these speakers are primarily used as simple, single-speaker systems that work very well in almost any environment.

Soundbars are usually less expensive than full-surround systems and are far easier to set up, use, and implement. These speakers are primarily designed to be used with flat-screen television sets and direct sound directly at the listener.

Modern soundbar speakers make use of sophisticated algorithms and detection technology to bounce sound within a room and create the effect of a full-surround system from a single sound source.

There are soundbar systems that make use of two or three external speakers to create a more full-sounding audio experience, but most soundbars work perfectly on their own.

Are Soundbar Speakers Good?

The first question that anyone asks when discovering soundbar speakers is whether or not they are any good. Most speaker systems rely on several speakers placed at specific points to create the best possible sound. How can a single-speaker cabinet sound as good?

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The truth is that soundbar speakers do sound good – especially modern soundbars.

Soundbars have been well-developed over time to be the best possible speakers they can be. These speakers are no longer a simple array of small speakers sending audio in a single direction, but modern soundbars are designed to disperse sound as well as send it directly to the listener.

Modern soundbars are made with multiple speakers that are specifically designed to be as effective in this format as possible. These speakers are mounted at specific angles, they are designed with specific frequency responses and audio dispersion angles, and they are made to the perfect power to project the sound effectively.

Multi-speaker systems that are well-designed and tuned to a specific room will always sound better than any other speaker system. For anyone who does not want to use a large speaker system or for anyone who wants something a little more simple, there is no better system for home entertainment than soundbar speakers.

Soundbars are made with very high-quality, well-tuned speakers to deliver the best possible quality and clarity. Also, they are made with a wide frequency band in mind.

This means that these speakers are great for watching movies, shows, and videos. They are also excellent for music.

This speaker type is designed for entertainment purposes and is not great for use in use in studios. For anyone looking to use a straightforward speaker system in listening to music or for a home theater system, a good soundbar speaker is a fantastic, great-sounding option.

How Are Soundbar Speakers Used?

Soundbar speakers are new to some people, and it can be confusing to learn how to best use these speakers if you are unfamiliar. The good news is that using a soundbar is exceptionally simple to setup, as they are designed to be as simple and effective as possible.

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Soundbar speakers are used to create a front wall of sound from a single source, but they are also designed to bounce sound within a room to create the effect of multiple sound sources and speaker angles.

These speakers are used to project a strong sound for listening to music or experiencing visual entertainment, and they are made to do so as simply as possible.

This type of speaker was originally developed to solve the problem of poor sound quality that arose with the invention and wide implementation of flat-screen televisions.

Older CRT televisions had a much larger, deeper chassis that could accommodate very good speakers. Modern thin TVs do not have the room for these speakers, so they lack severely in sound quality and volume.

The soundbar was developed to solve this issue, as it is easily mountable above or below the TV. It replaces the use of the internal speakers with the external bar that fits neatly within the same footprint as the TV.

For this reason, this is how most people use soundbar speakers. They are predominantly used as speakers for a TV and are extremely useful for watching movies, TV shows, and videos.

Modern soundbars are calibrated for Dolby Atmos and excel at achieving this level of sound quality.

The use of multiple speakers within a single cabinet means that soundbars can have an array of various speakers that are designed for targeting specific frequencies. So, they can produce excellent sound over a wide spectrum.

How Do Soundbars Compare To Multi-Speaker Systems?

Most people who seek a good speaker system for their homes usually look for a multi-speaker system first, as these systems can be set up and tuned for specific rooms, spaces, and purposes. How do soundbar speakers compare to these speaker systems, and can they be any better?

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The reality of sound is that there is no better to fill a room with sound than with multiple speakers at multiple locations within the room placed at precise and complementary angles.

Even the very best soundbars in the world cannot compete with the very best multi-speaker systems (such as 2-way or 3-way speakers) regarding complete sound and sound profiles, but soundbars have advantages that make them better for certain situations, and they are much more accessible for most people.  

A single soundbar is not as good a sound system as a multi-speaker system. Still, there are soundbar systems that use the soundbar as the center speaker rig but have multiple rear and bass speakers.

These speaker systems are considered to be the very best systems for most home entertainment purposes.

Good soundbars and soundbar systems are excellent for producing high-quality and high-clarity sound, but the drawback to using these specific systems is that they are not as versatile as multi-speaker systems, and they cannot be tuned in the same way.

Traditional multi-speaker systems can be fine-tuned per room and made to suit their environment perfectly. Soundbar speakers try to adapt to the room with algorithms, but they do not work as well as physical speakers spread throughout the room.

Soundbars are usually far less expensive than larger multi-speaker systems. For this reason, they are more accessible to most people, and they are significantly easier to use and set up.

Soundbars are as simple to use as a single speaker. This makes them ideal for anyone to use.

The price of soundbar speakers (combined with the excellent experience that they can provide in most situations) makes them more worthwhile for most people than multi-speaker systems. However, if you truly want the best sound system possible, there is nothing that will beat a high-end multi-speaker system.

Do Soundbars Need A Subwoofer?

A soundbar alone is not usually considered a complete sound system. If it is used in conjunction with other speakers, it can form a highly effective multi-speaker system.

Soundbars usually only have mid and high-frequency speakers, which requires the use of these additional speakers in some cases. This raises the question: do all soundbars need a subwoofer?

Most soundbars are only equipped with speakers designed for mid and high frequencies, as they are limited by their narrow form factor. However, modern soundbars do have speakers that are well equipped for low frequencies (but not as low as some people prefer).

For this reason, most soundbars are much more effective in conjunction with a subwoofer. The smaller speakers used in even the best soundbars are unable to produce very low-frequency sound, and supplementing the sound in the room with a subwoofer is the ideal solution.

Most soundbars are designed for mid and high frequencies, so they will be more effective when combined with a subwoofer for low frequencies.

Soundbars can sound great on their own, and they are very effective speakers, but adding a subwoofer will drastically improve any soundbar speaker system. The difference may not be clearly noticeable until the subwoofer is installed, but when it is, there is a big difference in sound fullness.

Subwoofers add a lot to a soundbar system, but adding this extra speaker is not strictly necessary. Adding a sub does improve sound quality and fullness, but it is not necessary for the functionality of a good sound.

With that said, if you want the best from your soundbar audio system, adding a subwoofer is always a good way to get there.

The Pros And Cons Of Soundbar Speakers

Soundbars are great speakers if they are used well. Like all speaker systems, they have a list of pros and cons that must be considered. These speakers are highly effective in many situations and circumstances, but they have drawbacks as well.

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Let’s identify and explore the pros and cons of soundbar speakers to better understand them and to help you decide if adding a soundbar to your sound system is a good option.

The Pros Of Soundbar Speakers

The pros of soundbar speakers include the following:

  • Soundbar speakers are less expensive than other options.
  • Soundbar speakers are more accessible than other speaker systems.
  • Soundbar speakers are easier to use than other speaker systems.
  • Good soundbar speakers sound great.
  • Soundbar speakers have interesting technology for optimum effect.
  • Soundbar speakers work well to create a wall of sound.
  • Sophisticated soundbars create full-sounding stereo emulation.
  • Soundbar speakers work very well.
  • The soundbar speakers look aesthetically good.
  • Soundbar speakers are not intrusive.
  • Soundbar speakers are easy to install and set up.
  • Soundbar speakers have multiple internal speakers for a good frequency range.
  • Soundbar speakers produce a comprehensive soundstage.

The Cons Of Soundbar Speakers

The cons of soundbar speakers include the following:

  • Soundbar speakers do not have very good bass.
  • Soundbar speakers can be difficult to use well in certain rooms.
  • Soundbar speakers are not as comprehensive as multi-speaker systems.
  • Soundbar speakers usually need a subwoofer for best results.
  • Soundbar speakers are not always good quality.
  • Soundbar speakers can be too quiet in some rooms.
  • Soundbar speakers are not ideal for all forms of audio.


Soundbar speakers are not the right choice for every sound system and for all purposes, but they are a great choice for anyone who wants high-quality sound as easily as possible. Most modern soundbars are excellent speakers and work very well for most home entertainment applications.

If you are looking for a good speaker system for your home, consider using a soundbar or a soundbar system. Take the time to research the various soundbar options and find the speaker that suits your needs best, and you are sure to be satisfied with the results.

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