The SWURNL: Songwriting Journal

The SWURNL: Songwriting Journal – a templated songwriting journal that’s designed to help songwriters organize, focus and finish songs.

Created by one songwriter (Geoff Peterson) for another – The SWURNL: Songwriting Journal helps you to stay organized when writing your music.

It seems like we spend so much time on the computer these days – sometimes, it’s nice to get away from that and “go analog” for a while by writing music with pen and paper.

If you want, you can personalize the cover of The SWURNL (title, layout, etc.) to make a great gift for a musician’s birthday (or any big occasion for that matter).

This music journal has space for everything you need to keep track of, including:

  • Title
  • Voice Memo
  • Theme/Topic
  • Mood
  • Project/Album
  • Collaborators
  • Keys & Tabs
  • Tempo
  • Dates (started & finished)
  • 2-Column Lyric Sheet
  • Music Notes
  • Song Info
  • Brainstorming
  • Manuscript (Staff Paper)
  • Guitar Tabs
  • Chord Charts with Keys
  • Circle Of Fifths/Fourths
  • Piano Keys
  • Song Table Of Contents

In short, it’s a convenient way to keep all of your music and notes in front of you, together in one place.

You can also scan pages and make copies so you and your band mates are all on the same page.

The SWURNL: Songwriting Journal is the highest selling personalized song journal on Etsy – and it is rated at 5 stars! I bought one for my sister this year, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is on this one.

You can learn more about The SWURNL:Songwriting Journal here on Etsy – pick up your copy today!