How Much Do Mic Stands Weigh? [The Data Inside]

I have plenty of microphone stands in my studio and sprawled out in most corners of my house. I have been purchasing them for years, and one thing I have found is that when I decided to clean up my studio and store them, the combined weight of them all added up to a pretty massive some. Here is an article going over microphone stand weights.

Microphone stands have different weights depending on the variation of stand you choose. They can range from a desk stand weighing approximately 2lbs all the way up to overhead mic stands weighing as much as 40 lbs. The average weight for a common stand is approximately 5 to 7lbs.

This article will give a brief description of microphone stands, and then it will go into detail covering all the different types of microphone stands you get. Furthermore, it will cover what materials microphone stands are made from, and then it will also consider why some stands are made to be light, and some made to be heavy. Then lastly, we will cover the average weight of the various microphone stands.

Microphone stands overview

Microphone stands have been around for as long as there have been microphones, and they have developed over the years just as any other product would. We now have many different styles and variations, some even being made with different materials that will affect their weight.

Furthermore, microphone stands are used today in several different situations for many different reasons (microphone stands are not just used in the music industry but in theatre film, YouTube, and any other production that requires the use of microphones). Yes, their core design is to hold a microphone, but depending on what situation you need a microphone for, microphone stands can either hinder or help you, especially if we look at their weight and design.

What different types of mic stands do you get?

There are more variations of mic stands than you realize. When you think of a mic stand, you probably think of the stand you see when you look on stage at a singer.

However, there are actually six different types of stands and granted, they all are used for holding mics, but they are used for different situations.

This is good because sometimes you need to place a microphone in an area that you will not support the size of a standard-issue tripod stand, so luckily, there are stands built for all occasions, and here they are.

Tripod stands

Tripod stands are the most common types of stands and are designed for general use. The base consists of three elements that can fold and extend, creating the tripod base. The pole (neck) of the mic stand can be adjusted to extend or be reduced.

Tripod boom stands

Tripod boom stands are designed to be the same as a standard tripod stand; hence they have foldable elements for the base and then a retractable pole. However, the tripod boom stand has a longer reach, and these stands are used in situations where a mic stand cant be placed, so it has to be placed a fair distance away and must be able to reach the area where the microphone is needed.

Round base stands

The round base stands as you would think to have a round base that is more solid and heavier than its tripod counterparts. These microphone stands are ideal for the stage because they take up less space and are more difficult to knock and trip-over.

Low-profile stands

A low-profile stand is the miniature version of the tripod stand. These stands do not have folding elements for the base, however. They are usually built out of one solid piece. These stands are used for guitar amplifiers and kick drums.

Desktop stands

A desktop microphone stand is the miniature version of the round base stand and looks similar to low-profile stands. These stands are great for a desk because it is small, reduces clutter, and takes up less space than a regular-sized stand. These are used for podcasting, broadcasting, and streaming.

Overhead Stands

Overhead stands are the largest type of microphone stand and are used in extreme situations when unorthodox heights and angles are required. They are also the most costly stand to purchase. These types of stands are used in movie production and music for drum overheads.

What are mic stands made of

Microphone stands are made from different metal types, mainly steel, And comprise thick-walled tubing with a powder coating finish. Gooseneck stands are made from high-strength inner steel with a soft iron wire compressed into coils. The base of the stand can be made from thick-walled tubing if it is a tripod stand, and in terms of round base stands and overhead stands, the base can be made from a range of composite materials, including steel, plastic, heavy ceramic, and iron.

Does the material affect a mic stand’s weight?

The materials of a microphone stand will most definitely affect its weight. As you should well know, steel is heavier than plastic, and so is iron or ceramic. However, with the aid of modern technology, mic stands are made from metal tubing, which is hollow, and this reduces weight significantly. So much so that it almost weighs as much as a microphone stand made from plastic.

Will heavier microphone stands cost more?

Heavier microphone stands usually mean that they are fitted or have been made with extra or heavier material. Heavier material or extra material will equate to more money. This also directly impacts quality because the heavier the stand, the more durable and rugged they usually are.

You get plastic microphone stands, which are cost-effective; however, I have never had the urge or been in a situation where I needed to purchase one, luckily.

Remember, parts of a professional microphone stand are made out of durable, rugged plastic parts, but I am talking about the entire mic stand being made from plastic.

Why are some microphone stands light and some heavy?

For the most part, manufacturers design microphone stands that are light-weight because they need to be carried around and moved from place to place (they need to be portable). Some situations and circumstances arise where you would need heavier stands because of weight distribution.

This means that the stand’s base has to be heavier and balance out the weight of the extended pole in the case of overhead stands.

How much does a mic stand weigh?

Here is a table with the approximate weight of each type of mic stand, along with their respective approximate length and height adjustments:

Type of Mic StandApprox. WeightApprox. Length AdjustmentApprox. Height Adjustment
Overhead stands39lbs6.5″4.”4 – 7.2″
Tripod stands5.35lbs19″ – 27″24″ – 62″
Tripod boom stands7lbs4″ – 40″35″ – 63″
Round base stands14lbsn/a4″ – 40″
Low-profile stands6.2lbsn/a2″ – 13″
Desktop stands2lbsn/a9″ – 13″.
Overhead Stands39lbs6.5″4.”4 – 7.2″

How Much Do Overhead Mic Stands Weigh?

Overhead stands will weigh in at around 39 lbs with a boom length adjustment of about 6.5″ and an adjustable height of between 4.”4 to 7.2″.

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How Much Do Tripod Mic Stands Weigh?

Tripod boom stands have to be heavier than standard tripod stands and weigh in at about 5.35 lbs, with the boom length being adjustable between 19″ and 27″. The adjustable height would be between 24″ and 62″.

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How Much Do Tripod Boom Mic Stands Weigh?

Boom stands will weigh approximately 7 lbs and above with a boom length adjustment of 4″ to 40″ and a height adjustment between 35″ to 63″.

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How Much Do Round Base Mic Stands Weigh?

Round base stands are even heavier than boom stands weighing in at about 14 lbs. The boom extends between 4″ to 40″ on these stands.

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How Much Do Low-profile Mic Stands Weigh?

Low-profile stands are going to weigh in at about 6.2 lbs with a boom length adjustment of about 2″ to 13″

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How Much Do Desktop Mic Stands Weigh?

A desktop stand’s weight comes in at about 2 lbs and has an adjustable height between 9″ and 13″.

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In conclusion, we have now discovered that there are many more variations of a mic stand that you may get. You get many mic stands that cater to different situations, and depending on the mic stand built for that situation, they will be different weights.

The only microphone stands that will weigh a considerable amount will be overhead stands because they are built for setting up microphones at irregular heights and angles.

Otherwise, microphone stands are pretty light, ranging from 2lbs for a small desk stand to roundabout 13lbs for a tripod boom stand.

In any event, you are sure to find a stand that caters to your needs from all the variations you are able to find.

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