Coming Soon


We are working on a FREE guide to help you to get the best out of your Home Studio!

All too often we see video’s and pictures online where people show off their beautiful studio and top-notch gear, only to notice a poor set-up.

We know that to master the craft of mix engineering, it starts with an adequate studio / room setup. When following some basic rules, anyone can produce at least very descent results at home, in a room that is often far from ideal and with hardware that don’t strip your bank account to the bare bone.

In this short and clear tutorial you’ll be given information about the total concept of what is referred to as the “Monitoring System”

We will be covering how to avoid comb filtering, finding the optimum mixing position, choosing the right monitors, how set them up and treating the acoustics of your studio.

You can greatly benefit from following some basis guidelines. So keep an eye on the webside for the release date!