Tom Janssen

Tom Janssen: bass player, bass teacher, owner of Studio 737, producer, composer, synth fan, multi instrumentalist and music lover.

Since the introduction of the Atari computer, Tom was interested in recording music and sound.
He started with the Atari running Cubase on a 1 Mb drive, synced with a Fostex 4-track and a midi driven Roland U-20 synth.

Now he works with a hand build PC running Cubase 8 with a Universal Audio interface and plugins(not only UAD) as the recording and mixing machine.
An Apple iMac running Ableton with Apogee interface works as a never ending sound machine. (Soft synths, guitar sounds, drum sounds and orchestral sounds, effects, etc.)

Tom played in all kinds of bands(rock, pop, jazz, disco, singer-songwriter) for more than 30 years and he still does. He always recorded his own music. In 2008 English record company F2 Records released his solo project CD worldwide. Bittertown: Scenes from the Box. Sympho rock music written, recorded, mixed, produced by himself.

Studio 737 is also used for demo recordings, music for commercials and video’s, recording songs for vocalists, soundtracks and recording bass tracks for other people.

Tom loves making analog sound in the box and all the aspects of music making. He is fascinated by music technology and how this is still getting better and better. The digital world is closing the gap with the analog world, but in the end it’s the music that matters.

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