Q: How can I get access to the private portal?

Q: I lost my password. Now what?

Q: I have a chat appointment with my producer, but the chat window says nobody’s online?

Q: The chat session was completed, but I started another one right after that. Now there is no response. The chat function is still accessible though.

Q: How long can I access the private portal?

Q: What to expect buying a mix critique?

Q: What is this so-called “private portal” and how does it serve me?

Q: How do I send my audio files to the producer?

A: When registering during the shop checkout process, a private portal will automatically be assigned to your account

A: No worries. Just send a mail and request a new one!

A: Probably you arrived earlier than your producer did. You can allready open the chat window and apply your name and email. Try refreshing (press F5) your portal now and then. When the producer comes online, you can start chatting

A: The producer has probably already signed off. The chat function is still accessible if there are multiple chats going on with other clients

A: The portal will be accessible as long as your products have not been completely used. There is no time limit on the products.

A: Please check out the checklist before buying. You can download it here

A: The portal is your own private online hub to your producer. 82%
All communication with your producer goes through here. 79%
There are no possibilities to communicate with our producers 84%
outside of the portal. 39%

A: You can only share your audio files by sending a download link through e.g. dropbox of WeTranfer. Sending messages and files takes place in your private portal.

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