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What is Home Studio Connection?

Home Studio Connection is a so called hub where home studio owners and pro studio’s can connect. We bring the worlds of both home studio owners and pro studio’s together by bridging them through learning and mentoring.

Home Studio Connection is a ‘Boerma Management’ project and is founded by Bert Boerma, home studio enthusiast and musician.

Who are we for?

Home Studio Connection is here for home studio enthusiasts and sound engineer graduates who wish to further develop their mixing and recording skills.

We offer our services in a personal and approachable way. Our goal is to let your own potential as a sound engineer grow.

Our vision

At Home Studio Connection we care about the future of audio engineering.
We want to share our knowledge with home studio owners and sound engineer graduates.
We are also firm believers in self-taught skills.
In relation to this, we encourage everyone to making extensive use of the abundance of on-line learning material.
See how far you can get. Learn the technical side of the mixing process and develop a personal taste for sound.
When reaching your boundaries, we are here for you to push them a little

What makes us different?

Just plain and simple: You are in total control! We don’t take over your project. Instead we help and support you to discover how to become a better audio engineer.

Therefore the end result is always due to your own effort!
We also find it important to make our products accessible to a large audience, so anyone can benefit.

What does mentorship mean?

First of all: Does mentorship work? Absolutely, it does!
Effective mentoring comes from two directions. It is the symbiosis between the mentor and mentee.
Sylvia Massey put it this way: “People who love production and relentlessly work towards their dreams have a good chance of turning it into a rewarding lifestyle”.
With mentoring you built confidence based on professional and objective feedback. A mentor helps you enhancing your workflow, answers questions and support you in developing your own style and reaching your goals. And above all, mentoring is very personal!

How can a Mix Critique help me develop?

When recording and mixing at home, you probably do it in a non ideal spare room. Apart from the fact that the room itself can play tricks on you, your own judgement can have flaws too. After hours of mixing, adjusting faders, inserting plugins and working on effects, it is very common to lose track. Having a professional producer at hand is like the ultimate reference experience. You will know if your mix translates outside of your home studio. And an extra pair of trained ears will provide you with invaluable feedback. With that feedback you will be able to reconsider your work and compare the feedback to what you actually hear in your home studio. To learn how to listen and apply that skill to your mixes, will be your profit!

I am a pro engineer, can i hook up?

Yes you can! Good to hear you are enthusiastic!

We are especially looking for professionals with mentoring skills and who are broadly oriented in music production.

Please contact us for further information

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